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Date de publication: 07/03/2019
  • Adresse: Brussels-Centre, Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium

For her first personal exhibition in Belgium, Sarah Pschorn (born in 1989, lives and works in Leipzig, Germany) presents a selection of works from 2015 to 2019.

After studying (ceramic, sculpture and photography) in Germany and Israel, she won the Grassi Prize from Carl & Anneliese Goerdeler in 2016 just as she was starting her professional career. Thanks to her talent and strong work ethic, she was quickly noticed and exhibited her work in the Fair Nomad, Design Miami, and in the Bornholm Art Museum (Denmark).

Fracas gives her a ‘carte blanche’ to invest the space and make it her own.

Sarah’s work is based on the idea of 3- dimensional collages, playfully interpreting well-known shapes from ceramic and decorative art histories.
Often using found objects as a starting point, she puts her vases together as poetic archaeology. She uses multiple ceramic techniques combined with different materials such as porcelain, crystal, resin or clay fired at different temperatures. Doing so, she confronts styles, mixes periods, assembles differing messages, traces of the past and coincidences.
Led by her curiosity, every time Sarah masters one technique, she goes to another to keep a fresh perspective on her work.
In addition to their spontaneity, Sarah's pieces reflect a modern feminine identity: "The vessels serve as receptacles for my ideas and thoughts and in particular remind the spectator of female bodies that have been dressed up. The colours highlight – in a favourable or unfavourable way – as well as hide, dissolve or around the shape of my works and thus resemble items of clothing that establish different and diverse relationships with the body they dress." (Sarah P.)

'Chasing Waterfalls', the title of the exhibition, has different meanings but especially embodies a quest for the impossible as the work of Sarah pushes the ceramic materials to its limits. Taking the opposite of the song that rocked her childhood ("Waterfalls" from the girl's band TLC), she ‘go(es) chasing waterfalls’, she doesn’t ‘stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to’, she’s ‘moving too fast’.
The word 'waterfalls' evokes a great show of nature, a symbol of the unknown, the oasis and paradise. For Sarah, the unknown part in the practice of ceramics is always very important, as she can never know in advance the result of her work after firing. This loss of control in the manufacturing process is what makes her practice so exciting.
The image of the waterfall connects us with a hypnotic natural phenomenon, or in the traditional Chinese imagery, evokes nebulous landscapes marked by the unknown.
Sarah plays with these references and does not hesitate to produce unprecedented confrontations, putting together baroque and pop culture.

A fresh and mysterious waterfall is flowing at Fracas, let yourself be carried away!


OPENING 14.03.2019 / 6pm
EXHIBITION 15.03.2019 - 30.03.2019 / 11am - 7pm


Rue des Chartreux 82
1000 Brussels

Date de l'événement: 14/03/2019
Public: Tous publics
Durée: Du 14/03/2019 au 30/03/2019

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